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Monday - Friday


12am-12pm    Smooth Jazz & Contemporary Gospel

12pm-2pm     Various Talk Shows

2pm-7pm       Smooth Jazz & Contemporary Gospel

5pm -                Replay Talk Shows

6pm - 9pm     Smooth Jazz & Contemporary Gospel

9pm-12am     Turning Back the Covers w/ Kim

12am-9am   Smooth Jazz & Contemporary Gospel

9am - 10 Various Talk Shows

10am-2pm     Afro Essence with Lor'Yon

2pm-7pm      Smooth Jazz & Contemporary Gospel w/ Gdavis

7pm-12am    A Taste of Southern Soul


12am-9am   Smooth Jazz & Contemporary Gospel

9am-12pm   Contemporary Gospel w/ Pastor Marieno

12pm-3pm   Sunday Jazz Brunch with K Daniels

3pm-7pm     Smooth Jazz & Contemporary Gospel

7pm-12am    Inside The Blues Alley

Listen & Learn


WeCare Radio Talk Show Host

Chef's for Seniors
Trent Cockerham
Tim Greene
Dana Lee Hines
Guest: Mark Ganum
Garrett Davis
Garrett Davis
Dr. Sanderlin
Dr. Williams
The Gallaways
Guest: Dr. Don
Topic: Down Sizing
Linda Pritchett
Linda Pritchett (Trust)
Jerica Wise
Odel Cleveland
Johanna Walker
G Davis copy 2.jpg
Guest: Dr. Erin Lynch
Guest: Stephanie Monroe
Guest: Dr. Heather Whitson
Guest: Linda Pritchett
Smiths copy.jpg
Guest: Dr. Brookins
Guest: Dr . Seele
Guest: Cary Goodman
Guest: Maya Harris
Guest: Hightower
Guest: Bollinger
Guest: Gonzales
Guest: C. Smith
Guest: K. Mays
Guest: J. Smith
Guest: Galloway
Guest: Dr. Brookins (2)

Virtual Town Hall Meeting 


Hosted by Dr. Lesia Young

The Silent Tears of Black Female Executives

Town Hall Part 1
Town Hall Part 2
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