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Mission of WeCare Radio

It is our mission to create quality programming that is designed to meet communities of color where they are in an effort to close various disparities gaps that exist in health and finances by taking the message to the people.  Musically we will mix a variety of Smooth Jazz and Contemporary Gospel as well as offering Southern Soul, Reggae and Afro Beats and Blues during weekend programming.

Talk Shows

WeCare Radio features Talk Shows that appear on Gdavis TV such as Inside the House, Let's Talk T, and Village Talk and CJ Richardson Sports Take


National Updates

Hear the latest national news  and sports headlines and the latest news updates as it relates to Health, Wealth and Finances 

Music for Our People

From Smooth Jazz, Contemporary Gospel, Souther Soul, Blues, Reggae, Afro Beats to Jazzy Gospel and R&B Covers WeCare Radio is musically 

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